So you’re probably wondering…

Who are these guys and why should I work with them? Are they qualified to help me? How much will this all cost? How long will this all take(because I need it tomorrow)? Is this a camping service or not?

You probably have a hundred and one questions floating around…We’re here to answer them to the best of our abilities! But if you need further clarification, feel free to contact us and let’s chat!

Why should I work with you guys?

We aren’t about being big or flashy. We care about being effective and meaningful. Passion, eagerness and attention to detail is a trait what we bring to the table every time. For us, it’s a collaborative relationship; working hand-in-hand with you and other amazing talents to make sure your video stands out. We want to create work that you will benefit from because your success means that we we’re able to connect you to the people that matter the most to your business.

Really? What’s your secret?

It’s quite simple actually. Underneath all the blood, sweat, grit, *censored trade secrets* and fiery hoops we’ve had to endure to deliver you an amazing video, one thing remains the most important; listening. It’s the key to every healthy relationship and our goal is to strengthen your relationship by understanding you and your customers’ needs. This gives us the opportunity to prototype, test, and tweak strategies with real people before we move on to produce the final result.

That sounds like a lot of work for a video.

It is, and we’re not even at the video production phase yet. But the truth is, every single step of this process counts. And the insights we gain by directly talking to your customers allow us to discover vitals ideas that would have otherwise gone unnoticed if we only focused on producing pretty visuals.  This is the key to developing a strategic explainer or connectivity video that works best for you.

Wait, what’s an Explainer video?

It’s one of the two types of video strategies that we offer here at Campfire. An Explainer video is a video that explains what your brand offers, whether it’s a product, a service, or an initiative, in a brief amount of time—usually 30-120 seconds in length. Explainer videos are a great way to educate viewers, and are a useful method to get information out in a digestible way. It can be used as an effective sales tool for pitching your business, or placed on your landing page to increase conversion rates.

Oh! And what about a Connectivity video?

A Connectivity video is a video that creates an intimate connection between you and your audience. We apply the principles of empathy to strengthen the relationship by focusing on the philosophical reasons of why your company, product or initiative exists. Usually 30-150 seconds in length; they are best used on landing pages, pre-roll ads, television, or as a tool to introduce your brand. Connectivity videos are powerful voices that help you increase customer loyalty and attract new customers who believe in the same vision as you do.

Speaking of pretty visuals, you guys do that too, right?

Of course we do! That’s where all the hard work pays off. We specialize in various design, animation, and tactile techniques that are tailored to your needs. In order to deliver your message clearly and engage viewers effectively, we can recommend the most appropriate video style for your brand.. Most of our work is done in-house, but occasionally, we do like to team up with really talented individuals—meaning you get your own personal super squad. Avengers Assemble! This results in a captivating, one-of-a-kind video that is sure to make your business stand out.

Sorry, but what the heck is Tactile?

Tactile is analogue, practical effects, props, set design, stop motion and paper art. It’s the art of using tangible objects to emulate a humanistic quality within the videos that we create—think about Jurassic Park(the first one). We build them, rig them, shoot them in live action, and cheer loudly after we finally nail the perfect shot. It’s hard work, but worth the struggle in order to capture the magical qualities of tactile. Videos nowadays can often look too perfect, stale and overdone. Instead, we search for something fresh and unexpected that will make people say “Wow! How did they do that?”.

Alright, how much is this going to cost me?

It depends! Everyone’s needs, challenges, and problems are different. The average cost of tactile & animated videos can range from 12-20k depending on factors such as length, project timeline, complexity and aesthetic style. The pricing between an explainer and a connectivity video can also vary. It all depends on the challenge you have waiting for us, so let’s chat and determine a more accurate estimate for you.

How do we get started?

  1. First, we take the time to get to know you. After all, this will be the start of a new relationship and we need to understand one another.
  2. Through 1-on-1 discussions we identify the challenges that you are going through, and the goals you wish to attain.
  3. A project brief is drafted up to get everything out on paper. E.g. challenges, target demographics, creative considerations, other competition, etc.
  4. We negotiate and finalize an estimated budget that we’re both happy with based on the brief.
  5. With the click of an e-Signature, the magic begins. This is where we discover what your company actually needs.

What’s the process like? How do feedback and revisions work?

Lots of listening–Here’s where we dig deep…really deep. Tons of exploration–Researching, brainstorming and exploring. And bundles of strategizing! All this work enables us to pitch you two to three very different concepts that vary in strategy, video style, and pricing–while still fitting within your budget. This is followed by two more rounds of you picking aspects of the concepts you like, and us combining, tweaking, exploring and testing directly with your demographic. It all eventually leads to the creation of a final concept that you are excited to see come to life.

Then we jump into production mode – three exciting milestones where we introduce scripts, storyboards, styleframes, animatics, voice overs, and music choices. This is your opportunity to give us feedback so that we can revise production as we move forward. Moving ahead in a collaborative fashion ensures a video creation that you are going to be proud of showcasing.

Great! Can I have it by tomorrow?

Sure. For a million dollars!

But realistically, good things take time and this is no different. The average time expected for production is around 6-10 weeks, with additional time given to you in between for feedback and revisions.

By the way, why the name Campfire?

What’s an activity that get’s people together to share ideas, thoughts, stories, and experiences with one another? Yup, it’s sitting around a Campfire! We believe in connection, collaboration, and curated storytelling to start meaningful conversations that will help cultivate your business. Come sit with us around the campfire and tell us your story!